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Livebytes Live: Achieving your True Potential with Amir Sabirovic

In this live session, originally streamed to Periscope/Twitter I'm joined by Amir Sabirovic (https://twitter.com/AmirSabirovic). We discuss achieving your true potential, what does it mean and how do you get to the true self you want to be?
Livebytes Live: Achieving your True Potential with Amir Sabirovic

Introduction and what does Achieving your True Potential mean?

In the introduction we talk a bit about Amir's background and the definition of your True Potential, what does it entail and what do you feel is achieving this goal?

What is your definition of success?

When did you reach the goal and have you achieved your potential. How do you measure that?

What are some of the biggest obstacles for people to reach their true potential?

There are always obstacles along the way to your True Potential, we talk all about which of those are the ones people bump into the most.

Perception and consistency

Perception is one of the things a lot of people fall down on, the way people perceive us can be a real limiting factor. Another thing is consistency, being consistent in your actions towards your goal is a big factor and we discuss exactly how this impacts you in achieving your True Potential.

Setting your goals and reaching them

Goal-setting is really important, but how do you do this? Amir and I share our experiences, which include just setting your goals and writing them down in increments that make sense (for example monthly goals).

Building a community of trusted advisors

Having a mentor, or trusted advisors that can provide you with the correct feedback in the right moment is crucial. How do you pick these people?

Final remarks

A recap of the things we discussed and some final remarks.

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